Internationalisation Plan

Pla de projecció internacional

Catalan public universities have issued a joint and proactive response to meet the challenges of the current global society

The main objective of the internationalisation plan is for the university system to become a reference system in southern Europe, one that is internationally recognised for its quality, innovation and social responsibility. The Internationalisation Plan of the Catalan Public Universities 2010-2015 proposes, in parallel, to give an international dimension to all areas of university life.

The initiative stems from the premise that partnerships between universities and the impetus for a new cooperative policy promoted by the ACUP are an excellent tool to consolidate and promote the Catalan university system internationally. The universities are aware that internationalisation and quality go hand in hand, and greater presence abroad means a better institutional capacity for both each university individually and the system as a whole.

The Internationalisation Plan has a vision and determination to make the Catalan public university system a cohesive system with unique and complementary profiles. It aims to be internationally recognised for its quality, dynamism, social responsibility and capacity for innovation and was presented in early 2010, in Catalan, Spanish and English. As stated in the preamble, today, globalisation involves rethinking the universities, higher education and research in general. The universities are coherent and relevant to the extent they are able to be present on the international scene and work in the global knowledge network. Also, being active agents in the global world of knowledge is the best way for universities to re-invest resources in the Catalan society through quality training, scientific excellence and the capacity for innovation and social, cultural and economic progress.

In this scenario, the plan sets six priorities for the 2010-2015 period. These central themes focus on three biennial action plans, which consist of programmes with a series of concrete actions, specific budgets, teams, results and indicators.

The 2010-2011 Internationalisation and Action Plans are the result of the ACUP’s work under the initiative of its Presidents and by the executive secretary of the ACUP and International Relations Committee, which is formed by the Vice-Rectors of international relations and the Directors and Heads of offices of international services of the eight member universities. During the drafting process a study of best international practices in the field of internationalisation and an analysis of the current situation of the Catalan public universities was carried out; moreover, a seminar, with the participation of international experts, took place to reflect on the internationalisation and international promotion of higher education.